What we can do

A small cut down tomato tin (could be any tin!), or candles, is what is used for lighting in most rural areas of Africa.

It is expensive to run, kerosene is usually more expensive than petrol; it is smoky and causes many health problems, it is dirty and it is DANGEROUS!

Kerosene Lamp

The lamp or candle only has to be knocked over accidentally when lit, and the building could be lost along with the risk of loss of life.

Children who are fortunate enough to be in education normally start very early in the morning and on their return home have to help the family with chores that need completing before nightfall, hence, when they come to do their evening studies it is usually dark and they need to use candles or lamps to complete these.

Other children live so far from the schools that they have to board; again, they have domestic chores to complete within the school grounds before completing their studies ready for the next day. In both of these situations some families have difficulties financing this additional cost in providing adequate light.

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